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Finding Balance in 2017

At the start of the new year, many of us are thinking about 'getting back in shape'.  It's common to overindulge over the holidays and feel it in the way your clothes fit come the new year.  Gym memberships are on the rise and the desire to get fit is at an all time high.  Taking good care of your body is one of the most important things to do - but why do we think that is defined by the size of our waist?

There is so much more to health than having six pack abs.  Throughout my life I have gone through many phases of being unhappy with my body and it's something I'm still working on, but I strive every day to make decisions based on the fact that I love my body, not that I hate it.  I had intended to start of the new year doing a ton of cleansing, going on juice fasts, exercising heavily and getting a hot bod.  But the more I think about it, the more I think I have it all wrong.  Instead of going to extremes, what I really need to find is balance.

I'm adding more chia seeds to my diet, taking my supplements regularly again and drinking a green juice every day.  I'm reaching for apples instead of chocolate when I feel like a snack and I'm trying to get back in to a yoga routine.  I know that all of these things nourish my body and by doing these things, I am telling my body that I love it and want to take care of it.  As I start to change my internal rhetoric from "my body sucks" to "it's up to me to take care of my body" the whole way that I look at health and well being starts to change.  The things that my body craves start to change and I start to want chocolate less and apples more.

We have all been gifted with amazing bodies to get through this life with.  If at any time we are unhappy with the way we look or feel, we are the only ones capable of changing that.  If we can just remember to love ourselves and focus on the positive benefits of having a body - no matter the shape or size - we can start to bring balance in to our lives.  We are constantly bombarded with images of what the 'perfect body' looks like.  All you have to do is look at magazine covers to see how we are almost programmed to think that our bodies are not good enough.  To think that if we can just get that perfect figure, everything else in our lives will magically become perfect at the same time.  But the truth is happiness does not come from the size of our bodies.  It comes from the size of our hearts.

So my advice for you in 2017?  Start to love your body!  Make decisions based out of love instead of fear.  Drink more water, spend more time with loved ones, and stress less.  Remember that you are the way you are because of every decision you have ever made and you are the only person with the power to change that if you want to.  So take charge, own your destiny!  I can tell you from my own experience - it feels great :)