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Are Our Choices Based In Love or Fear?

Intention is such an important and often overlooked factor.  When we make a choice about anything, how often do we really think "what's my intention"?  It's a question I try to ponder frequently.  A major intention of mine is to spread as much peace, health and happiness as I can through what I do and who I am.  Of course, I am not always peaceful, healthy an happy - I'm only human and sometimes my intentions aren't good.  But I try to live with kindness not only for other people, but also for myself.  I have learned through experience that the more good things I do and put out in the world, the more of it that comes back to me.  I really do believe that!  The same can be said for doing and saying bad things - it attracts more of it to your life. ..

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Friday With Wally

A couple weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to spend a few hours with Wally Hamm, the founder of Pro-Cert Organic Systems.  He was everything and nothing like I expected.  I had expected Pro-Cert to have some big fancy downtown office, but they are just the opposite.  Their offices are just outside the city, surrounded by farmland.  There’s a few older buildings dispersed around with snow packed trails connecting them, and a run-down looking old house with a faded “Beware of Dog” sign on it.  Not your typical head office.  When I asked the office girls what the house was for, they told me that’s where Wally does his writing.  I find this very interesting – I’ve just started reading Michael Pollan’s “A Place of My Own” and he talks about the importance of having a place to call your own for manifesting creative activity such as writing, or art.  This old run down house is Wally’s place of his own, where he does his writing.  ..
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