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Who would have thought...




Who would have thought I would ever give two poops about Farmer Joe and his job.

I grew up in the city of Estevan, Saskatchewan. A tiny place, that barely makes the cut to actually be called a city.

The Energy City. Nicknamed for the various energy producing industries in the area. We have a couple power plants, a coal mine, gas plants, and oil. Sprinkled here and there with agriculture of all sorts, it is Saskatchewan after all. I had tid-bits of information I picked up along the way regarding the mega industries but one thing I never really learned much about was farming ,of any kind.

I didn't know any farmers. My world involved Thorn Cresent, the kids that lived there, and the few blocks around it. There was farming a few generations past, on my mom's side, but that was long ago. I guess it's in my blood but like, waaaaaay in there.

I was a cliche. A broke, rebellious preacher's kid that liked to do all things naughty that kids in a small, rich city can do. I'll leave it at that and let your imagination run wild.

I dated a boy once who claimed he was going to have cattle and farm for a living once we were done highschool. With that info, I knew we wouldn't last long. No way was I living out in the middle of nowhere.

I had a vision of a tight French braid, floral apron, pie in the window, and me, ringing a triangle for lunch with a baby in a football hold, latched on eating lunch already. MMMM buh bye.

However, that black haired, country music hating, tattooed teen had no future dream. Nothing called to me.

Fast forward 14 years. I do all of the above mentioned. Minus the baby in a football hold. Those days are done. Thank the powers that be.

I work at an organic flour mill, consistently becoming more and more intrigued with the entire process of soil to table. I don't live on a farm but I certainly live out in the middle of nowhere! I moved all of 40k from Estevan.

I'm the happiest I have been yet in my lifetime.

So what is my message with this blog? I have no idea. I was asked to write one and I basically just wrote a diary entry.

UPOOOOON reflection! Here is what you can take away:

  • Don't worry, odds are your kids WILL indeed find a path
  • It doesn't matter how you were raised, we are capable of change.
  • You don't have to have farming in the blood to learn, be aware, and help in feeding the earth nutritious, vital food.
  • No matter how much time goes by, if you hate country music, you will still hate it.


Grow something!